We have new dirt!

Please pardon the crappy web cam view. I know I’m a photographer and should only show quality images. But sometimes the best camera is the one you have access to.

So I was covering the Catersource/ Event Solutions conference all week in New Orleans all week. And I could only watch what was going on from the web cam I placed in my daughters tree house. But after a rain delay we had some ACTION! A large tree stump was dug out and hauled away. As well as good fill dirt was brought in. The only sad part? The dirt was a bit to wet to complete the task. So now we need to wait for it to dry out. So Monday we will be back on the task. I feel good our contractor Gene made this decision. I don’t want to take any chances with our foundation.

Time to enjoy the weekend and look forward to seeing what Monday brings.

This post was meant for I’m new with wordpress and sometimes tis kind of stuff happens;-(